Fatty Bum Bum

Fatty Bum Bum Beta 0.1

Space based Feed 'em Up!


  • Great animation
  • Original concept
  • Easy to play


  • No difficulty levels
  • Very short


Fatty Bum Bum is not the protagonist of this game, but a strange God creature who you have to feed. Your baby character flies through a world of dreams and nightmares, collecting food to make Fatty Bum Bum grow.

It's an odd concept, but very suited to children, while having some phsychedelic attractions for grown ups! There are only three levels to Fatty Bum Bum, and it's not too challenging. You avoid bad looking things, and have to time mouse clicks to grab at food and other items as you go along.

The more food you collect over the three levels, the bigger Fatty Bum Bum will grow, and the higher your score will be. There are online scoreboards to compete with, although they amazingly high). As well as getting a high score, grabbing the nightmarish objects and other things rewards you with amusing little animated transformations which add a lot of replay value.

While side-scrolling through space is one of gaming's oldest tricks, Fatty Bum Bum is still worth a look for the gorgeous, bright and often bizarre graphics. The sound is fine, but it's the visuals that matter most here.

Fatty Bum Bum like many games for young children is almost bafflingly abstract for adults, but children will certainly enjoy the amusing animation, and gentle gameplay.

Fatty Bum Bum


Fatty Bum Bum Beta 0.1

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